Mas Alavall

- Mas Alavall -
Céret - Pyrénées catalanes - close to Perpignan - 6 ha - rainfall 650 mm - mediterranean climate

Mas Alavall is a 6 ha farm in Céret, in French North Catalunya area. It is ten minutes from the village, his modern art museum and local shops. Farm activities stopped forty years ago. It used to host cows, sheeps, pigs and chickens mixed with tree crops.

Beauty is everywhere in Mas Alavall, bordered by three rivers, including Le Tech. Mas Alavall is a preserved place with a high permacultural and agricultural potential.

We installed the headquarters of Permaterra in December 2016. After some renovations during 2017, Mas Alavall will host the Permaterra Training Center and its design office.

The vocation of the place is to produce, experiment, learn and transmit.

Currently we are working on the building part of the site. A polyculture / livestock project, planned for 2018, is currently being developed in accordance with the principles of permaculture and regenerative agriculture.

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