Jungle Oasis

An organisation that facilitates change in our global world by providing a locally focused space that reconnects all to their true nature

Provides high quality sustainable education, such as pdcs and sustainable building. It strives to create an excellent environment for volunteers to learn and practice permaculture.
The project supports a sister organisation that Breaks down barriers to movement, by providing a healing space and facilitation for those who have movement and learning difficulties, by ensuring it develops its site to allow access for all.

We aim to Set up a container for all, to drop in to their regenerative nature in a comfortable and relaxed space, through healing and ecological workshops and courses.

It operates a full restaurant/ cafe and has on site accommodation for 20+ in tipis. It's facilities include Performance stage, Class room/ workshop space, Kitchen, restaurant with seating (and hammocks) & ample washrooms.

Temple Road Batwadi, Arambol
Goa N/A
Goa IN