Hawkwood Community Plant Nursery

Hawkwood is on the edge of the London Borough of Waltham Forest, and borders Epping Forest. The site includes extensive glasshouses, open fields, scrubland, and woodland edge. Unused for some time, we are turning the site over to the production of a wide range of fruit, vegetables and herbs, by clearing land, improving the fertility of the soil, creating raised beds, repairing the glasshouse, developing irrigation systems and building a classroom.

As well as developing 4 acres of market garden, the glasshouses allow us to propagate vegetable and herb seedlings which are sold to local individuals and community groups who may not have access to an indoor growing space and appreciate the support of our healthy, hand-raised vegetable plants. Plants are sold through local market stalls and via our community food projects and allotments membership scheme.

With production taking place on the edge of London, close to where we are distributing it, we are producing fresh food with high standards of sustainability, using organic and permaculture principles

115 Hawkwood Crescent Chingford
London, London E4 7UH
United Kingdom
London GB