HASERA Research and Training Centre

HASERA is a Research and Training Centre dedicated to the promotion of Sustainable Agriculture, Sustainable Development and Permaculture in Nepal and abroad.

Our 3 Objectives:
1. To generate knowledge base on sustainable agriculture, sustainable development and Permaculture through farm and community research.
2. To practice and demonstrate the proven techniques in the real field situation.
3. To disseminate the proven knowledge of sustainable agriculture, sustainable development and Permaculture to the global communities through training, workshops and publications

At HASERA an exceptional integration of crops, animals and natural biodiversity can be found.

The major aspects that can be learned and observed in this farm during the exposure visits include:
Climate Change
Community Forestry
Natural Resource Management
Sustainable / Organic Agriculture
Sustainable Community Development
Integrated Ecological Pest Management
Certification and Marketing of Organic Products
Soil and water management in the Hill Farming Systems
Integrated Farm Designing with principles of Permaculture

B.P. Highway, , Nepal Kavrepalanchok
Patlekhet 45200 45200