Gaia Ashram

The Design of Gaia Ashram : A community of all being

For the design of Gaia Ashram we use Ecovillage, Permaculture and Deep Ecology Design Principles. For implementing the physical landbase design we try to be aware of the process that is involved in implementing every design step and we try to attune to the land and all beings during this process.

Gaia Ashram is located in an area where flooding and drought can occur and it’s designed to be prepared for both scenarios. The structure of the landscape is designed to store the water in the landscape during rainy season which can partially be used in the dry season without disturbing the natural system of the land.

All building within the ashram will be natural buildings using local materials and reused materials such as earth/adobe, wood and bamboo. We try to minimize the use of non local material. We wish to eventually have all our energy needs, within the Ashram, being met by alternative energy, such as solar energy, within 5-7 years’ time. Waste management will be a focus of the Ashram. We will reduce, reuse, recycle, repair, rethink and remind ourselves of the waste problem and make continues efforts to work on the waste problem and find creative ways of solving it. Waste is a big issue in our consumer society and Gaia Ashram considers the waste issue holistically and will spread awareness about the waste problem and will create waste management systems that are replicable in the village and other places.