Can Comú

Can Comú is a holistic educational project where collective learning leads us towards regenerating the landscape and rebuilding the relationships between ourselves and the environment around us. We founded Can Comú on the principles and ethics of permaculture, and the inspiration provided by active education (“educación viva” in Spanish).

Project founders Alfred Decker and Daniella Querol are permaculturalists who work as facilitators in courses as well as collaborate with the local associations of our coastal mountain zone. In 2016 we purchased our property in a natural park in Catalunya called Montnegre i el Corredor. Located two hours north of Barcelona by public transport, the property is surrounded by a cork and holm oak forest, has about 20 fruit and nut trees, several terraces for developing a food forest, and good soil that has never been treated with chemicals. Our goal is to create a highly self-sufficient “closed loop” system: the vast majority of our food, water and energy will be produced/captured on site, and our “wastes” will be recycled here as well.

Can Comú will offer workshops and courses for people of all ages in permaculture, art and personal growth in order support our collective evolution and be prepared for new paradigms that will arise.

Hortsavinya, Barcelona 08490
Barcelona ES