Brookside Farm

Brookside Farm is moving towards becoming a flagship for Sustainable British Community design for the future. It will become a small–sized low carbon housing development, surrounded by a community run food producing landscape, and integrated with work units, an eco education centre, and accommodation.
What we have achieved so far:
* Installation of a world class Wetland Ecological Treatment System (WET) for harvesting grey, black and rainwater and converting it into a food and materials resource. This system has the capacity to process the waste from 180 people, from a space the size of just two tennis courts.
* Installation of two levels of a forest garden and woodland area as part of an agro-ecology landscape for long term education and therapeutic horticulture.
* Establishment of a regular and thriving local community initiative of up to 50 people a week to learn craft and personal growth techniques.
* Cross fertilization of ideas and projects with an international eco network of partners in Italy, India, Austria, sharing ideas and best practice in agro-ecology.
* Incubation of a small scale circular economy process using work units onsite, including wood-working using raw materials generated on site.
* Inspiring a growing community of volunteers and specialists from across the world –e.g. Canada, Italy, USA, Finland, Norway and more -who are dedicated to building the CET into a world class facility.

Gaydon Road Southam
Leamington Spa, Warwickshire CV47 2QZ
United Kingdom
Warwickshire GB