The Apricot Centre @ Huxhams Cross Farm

Huxhams Cross Farm is found on the edge of the Dartington Hall Estate near Totnes.  It covers 34 acres of land that was bought by the Biodynamic Land Trust.   The Apricot Centre team are the first tenants of the farm and are developing it in to a rich and diverse food producing farm.  The farm is also part of the learning campus at Dartington Hall Estate. 

The farm was designed using permaculture methodology, with an aim to create a farm that will produce delicious biodynamic food, vegetables, frut and eggs as well as preserves and flour.   The farm supports and encourages wildlife diversity and is designed to be low carbon. 


The farm is a learning demonstration of how we weave together the practices of biodynamic food production,  permaculture design and agroforestry to create a beautiful, resiliant and sustainable farm 

Rattery Road Dartington
Totnes TQ9 6AA
United Kingdom