Types of courses

There are permaculture courses to suit everyone.

Entry level courses

Typical starting points are the Introduction to Permaculture or the Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) courses. The introduction is really just a taster, whereas the PDC is more like a gateway to deeper learning and membership of the permacuture community.


Next steps

If you want to focus on a particular skill, method, tool or technology, there is a wide range of specialist courses on offer. This list includes advanced permaculture design courses to deepen your knowledge and hone your skills: the full PDC is usually a pre-requisite for advanced design courses.


Beyond the PDC

The Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design is the standard qualification to get recognised as a professional permaculture designer. In conjunction with a teaching qualification, it also allows you to act as the lead teacher on PDCs.


Teacher training is also an option after the PDC. There are specialist permaculture teacher training courses that focus on the creative teaching methods that we recommend are used to teach permaculture. Find out more about becoming a teacher here.


Beyond the Diploma

Diploma holders may train to become a diploma tutor - an opportunity to earn an income by supporting others on their diploma journey.


We also recommend that diploma holders engage in continuing professional development training to keep their knowledge, skills and portfolio up-to-date. This could include attending specialist courses to broaden their knowledge.