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Quality teachers are essential to the successful spread of Permaculture around the world.

Be it PDCs, introductions, talks, or working with educational institutions, each year thousands of people learn how to change their world with Permaculture.

We’re creating a network of educators that can easily communicate and share resources with each other, no matter their location; to help bring permaculture education into the mainstream.

By replicating a mycelium network, we’re spreading knowledge around the world in the most efficient ways. To achieve this, we’ve created a Global Educators Membership.

This membership is designed to support you as an educator, helping you lead, innovate and collaborate with a global network of other educators.

The educators membership already has a strong network of international educators working together and sharing resources, planning for a better future of climate education together. 

This membership particularly welcomes less experienced teachers, who can be mentored by senior tutors. 

With a strong children in permaculture focus - Join today and join in the conversation around getting permaculture into the national curriculum. 

It’s easy to sign up - Join the growing network of permaculture educators for just;

£7.50 per month for those without other memberships

£4.50 / £2.50 extra per month if you already have another membership type

Join now, and change your world.

What's Included

Facilitates Collaboration 

  • Monthly Online Gatherings (MOGs) of fellow educators. Informal collaboration & learning. 
  • A dedicated Slack Channel for realtime discussions and feedback to the Permaculture Association.
  • Supporting the great work we do as a charity such as our globally recognised Certifed Teachers Register and new educational projects.   
  • Working Groups to further advance permaculture research
  • Regional and National events
  • Facilitation support from a dedicated education lead


Extend your Knowledge 

  • A fantastic monthly Educator's E-bulletin - packed with jobs, news and research in communication, marketing and leadership.
  • Discounted access to our Teacher's Guide
  • All of the benefits of our regular membership
  • Teaching resources and marketing support in the educators portal
  • Monthly Network News and Permaculture Works Magazine! 
  • Dedicated peer support from senior teachers



Market your Skills 

  • Enhanced profile features to showcase your experience, with links to your websites and courses. 
  • Upon acceptance, application and listing on the Certified Teacher Register included, enabling you to issue permaculture design certificates
  • New logo for Certified Teacher Register course listings 
  • Guides in marketing & using technologies
  • Access to the events booking service to promote your events
  • Promotion of your projects, courses and events on the Permaculture Association website


How do I join?

Join by monthly or annual direct debit

Join by paypal or credit card

If you are a current member, your membership fee can be deducted from the educator price. 


Would you like to trial the membership? Get in touch NOW to recieve one months free educators newsletter and join in a MOG meeting with your fellow educators.  

Educator membership - upgrade payment

If you are happy to upgrade your membership early, please log on to renew your membership now.

Alternatively, pay to upgrade to Educator membership for the remainder of your current membership plan. If you need help, get in touch (Membership - Nicola) to find out how much to pay and upgrade. You can send us the amount to upgrade using the paypal button below.

Remember, you can pay in monthly instalments - meaning your new educator's membership portal and all the support that comes with it, is only £7.50 a month, or only £4.50 if you've already paid for Lifetime membership.

Join as an Educator Member