Education Working Group

What is it?
The education working group is a project of the Permaculture Association. It aims to develop both the capacity and the quality of permaculture education in Britain.

So far it has involved a series of meetings and workshops where teachers have identified important issues, generated ideas about how to develop strategy, and developed an action plan.

The structure of the group is straightforward: several sub-groups each focus on a single theme (curriculum development, schools, etc). Each sub-group has a representative in a core group so who monitor progress, offer support and act as a forum to exchange ideas.


Why do it?
The group is responding to several perceived needs and opportunities:
* The need to ensure that all students receive a high standard of quality from courses that the Permaculture Association certifies.
* The need to review the curriculum for the Permaculture Design Certificate course and agree a core curriculum.
* The need to share resources between teachers more easily, and the opportunities for using web technologies to do so.
* The need for teachers to market their courses effectively.
* The opportunities for engaging with schools and other educational establishments.
* The need to establish an effective and supportive apprenticeship scheme for aspiring teachers.
* The opportunity for the Association to become a recognised accrediting body.


Who is involved?
The Working group is comprised of Association members, primarily permaculture teachers, but also education consultants and administrators. Learners are also represented in the working group.


How can you get involved?
There are several ways to get involved. If you have been on a Permaculture Design Course you can fill in the design course follow-up questionnaire.

If you are a teacher, you can contribute to the teachers' survey.

You can also join one of the sub-groups to help out with the ongoing work, or attend a future meeting. Contact us if you're interested.