What to expect on a permaculture course

You will learn through a variety of classroom-based lessons & discussions, outdoor exercises, practical activities and by completing a design project.

This film follows a group of students as they prepare their design on a Permaculture Design Certificate course...

Why take a permaculture course?

You will gain new knowledge, learn new skills and make new friends. Because permaculture focuses on positive responses to the world's challenges, many graduates report an empowering and transformational experience:


"The Permaculture Design Certificate course opened up a world of solutions and my outlook on life has been much more solutions based. "

- Pippa Chapman


"Since completing the Permaculture Design Certificate I have looked at the world differently. It's helped me adjust my life and business to be more productive with less wasted effort. It's an investment I have seen repaid threefold in the last 2 years both in time and finances. The best condensed training to make the most of the next decade."

- Darius Namdaran


Your future:

Graduates of permaculture courses take a range of paths:

"Since the permaculture course, I've used the principles to get out of debt, get a mangagment role on a project building sustainable communities, and be able to afford part-time working. I've completed my diploma and learnt how to teach permaculture"

- Gary Finch


"I did the Permaculture Design Certificate and it changed my world and my life. I'm starting my own business and doing ecological restoration projects in Leeds, Manchester and Bradford. It is the best education you can get in your life."

- Andrew Brook


Getting started

Typical entry points for learning about permaculture are the Introduction to Permaculture and Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) courses.


Fees & funding

Introduction & PDC courses are delivered by a network of freelance teachers. Consequently fees vary between courses. Most courses charge fees on a sliding scale to enable students on lower incomes to participate.

Also, some courses are delivered in partnership with the Workers Education Association, who can subsidise learners on income-related benefits.


Please see the course listings for more details of specific course fees.


Going further

After completing the PDC, students can go on to study the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design or specialist courses.


Student Stories

Below are some previous PDC students' stories...