Wild Things 1 2022: A Year of Wild Food and Medicine (online, optional in person herb walks)

Summary information

The Wild Things Course is an eight month exploration of wild food and medicine growing in a variety of habitats in teh UK through the seasons. It includes opportunities to gain confidence in low impact foraging, beginners botany and ecology, and to develop a sensory approach to using wild plants both as food and medicine.

The online course is a combination of theoretical sessions, practical remedy making and walks in some beautiful wild areas. If you are able to come to Glasgow or Edinburgh once a month, you can also purchase and add-on of 7 in-person foraging walks.

Increasingly today our food and medicine is flown to us from far regions of the globe. Health food shops are stocked with ‘superfoods’ from rare and diminishing habitats, and we are commonly offered endangered species like Arnica & Echinacea. We have lost our connection to our local bioregion, and with it all of the history and traditions that our landscape and the plants that grow there can offer us. This course is about re-connection& about building sustainable, healthful practices through a deepening relationship with our local ecosystems.

The Course uses participatory learning methods & an action learning approach. Its learning outcomes for participants are to:

- Develop an understanding of the ethics and practice of ecological harvesting and gain a confidence in low impact foraging
- Try out recipes and learn practical remedy making skills for home use
- Learn about the edible and medicinal properties of some of our common British
plants and when to harvest them
- Develop a sensory approach to herbal medicine
- Beginners botany and ecology and the ability to confidently identify common
- Gain an understanding of how to live more harmoniously with the seasons

Optional Add-On
- Visit distinct habitats around Edinburgh or Glasgow and see how the plant communities that live within them change over the year

Booking and further information
£350-£550 +£100 for optional in-person foraging walks
Contact name: 
Jillian Faichney
Dates and times
More dates and times information: 
Online classes are released every 2 weeks, with a break at Midsummer. Students can access the online content indefinitely. In-person walks in Edinburgh or Glasgow are roughly monthly on Friday afternoons.
11 April 2022 to 28 October 2022
Venue information
c/o The Healthy Living Centre
EH14 3JF
United Kingdom

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