WEED CONTROL Online Course

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Learn to identify and effectively control weeds. You will learn about both chemical and non-chemical weed control methods (e.g. mulching, burning, slashing), plus the use of spray equipment and operating safety procedures which should be followed when using chemicals and equipment.

This course provides valuable learning for land managers, farmers, gardeners, orchardists, market gardeners, landscapers, spray contractors, nurserymen or anone else concerned with the control of weeds.

The course is divided into 8 lessons as follows:

1. Weed Identification.

2. Weed Control Methods.

3. Chemical Weed Control.

4. Weed Control In Specific Situations.

5. Safe Chemical Application.

6. Non-Chemical Weed Control.

7. Dealing With Specific Weed Control Problems.

8. Developing A Major Weed Control Program.

For further details and full course information, please visit our website, use our free course counselling service or email us.

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You can start the course at any time. You work to your own pace
1 May 2021
Diana Cole, Yvonne Sharpe, Maggi Brown

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