Tread Well on Earth - 2-day Introduction to Permaculture

Introduction to Permaculture
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A 2-day Introduction to Permaculture

September 2017 - Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th

Learn the basics of Permaculture Design on this two-day Introduction to Permaculture and be ready to try it out in your garden, your workplace and your life.
Tread well on earth Introduction to Permaculture south london
What will the Introduction to Permaculture course offer?
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This course introduces the basics of Permaculture and shows how this fascinating design methodology can profoundly change the way we look at the world and engage in it. The course gives participants an understanding of the diverse uses and applications of Permaculture Design and its immense potential of turning scarcity into abundance. Participants will walk away with:

… a clear understanding of what Permaculture is, its origins, the context under which it came about and its development;

… knowledge of its ethical framework, the basic ecological, attitudinal and some design principles;

… an overview of its applications in various fields, as a response to social, economic and environmental challenges and as a tool for personal transformation and social change;

… having tested the basic design methodology and various design tools such as mapping, zoning, sector analysis and input-output analysis;

… having visited a local project and engaged in some practical permaculture gardening activity;

… enthusiasm and inspiration, as well as some tools for continued learning and application.

"I found the Permaculture Principles we learned all relevant to my life. If I never touch a plant again, my life will still have been changed by this experience."
- Daniel, permaculture intro course participant

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5 Tredwell Close, Streatham Hill
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Michel Thill
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9.30am - 5pm both days
16 September 2017 to 17 September 2017
Tish Vail
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No apprentice teacher places available on this course.