Timber Framing - Natural Building Course

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We invite you for a unique workshop in Portugal. Nine full days of hands-on experience where the main focus will be to learn by doing.
Together as a team, we’ll actually build a medium sized full frame. There´s no better way of understanding the whole process than going through it all.
We will explore the details of designing, selecting timbers, laying out and cutting all the joints necessary to complete and raise the frame. Mostly, it will be simple mortise and tenon joinery with some variations and options for the connection of specific members (ex: dovetail and scarf joints). Both power and hand tools will be used, with an emphasis on learning how to properly use a sharp framing chisel and mallet.
The workshop is designed to be accessible, interesting & challenging for a both the intermediate and inexperienced timber framers.
The main focus will be to accurately lay out and execute the joints, making them not only functional but also beautiful. Working as a team we will build up individual and collective confidence. We expect that as a result the participants will feel empowered to engage on a timber frame project of their own. Most importantly we aim to share a systematic and comprehensive method. The frame will be joyfully raised on site and donated to the host family.
When all the pieces come together, the joints fit and the frame is up due the combined efforts of the raising crew, there´s an indescribable feeling of reward and joy, pure joy. One must experience it to understand it!

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395 euros until 7 may , 450 euros from 7th may on
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Pedro Valdjiu
Dates and times
5 July 2016 to 15 July 2016
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