Thriving in Challenging Times (online 1.5 hr workshop)

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What can nature teach us in an era of uncertainty and change?
We associate woodlands, forests and other natural ecosystems with growth, connection, adaptation and resilience, but often struggle to experience these in our own lives – on a personal level, in our societies and with regard to our uncertain and changing world.
In this interactive workshop we will explore principles derived from nature and how we can learn from them in a real and practical way for the circumstances we currently find ourselves in.
This workshop is relevant for all types of challenges:
personal, both physical and psychological
changing circumstances
Covid-related issues
worries about the state of the world
concerns about the future
We will also explore how we can use nature’s wisdom to be part of the solution to the world’s problems rather than becoming paralysed in the face of uncertainty.
Come engaged, up for some thinking and prepared to join in with the group.

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Telephone number: 
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24, Main Street
£12/ £7 low income/ free to 18-25 year olds
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Samantha Woods
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30th September 2021 7.30pm to 9pm
30 September 2021
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United Kingdom
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