Social permaculture course 18-19 Jan - Victoria - Canada

Summary information

Learning to design and care for ourselves, our communities, and the planet. Contact: thegreenlyons(at)

This course will be at Mustard colective - Victoria

This extreme creative wekend course is designed to be useful to anyone who interacts with others. So unless you’re a hermit, that’s YOU!

Have you ever asked yourself one of these questions?

Managing people is so much harder than developing the land. How can I do it better?
Where do I start when trying to create and organise my project?
How do I keep the people involved in my project happy and inspired?
When challenges appear, how do I keep moving forward?
I want to keep inspired and manifest my vision for the future. How can I get support and help others realise their own visions?

Then this course will help you find solutions.

During the course we will explore the personal and social landscape:

Day 1: Personal Social development in permaculture

Building trust and empowerment
Connecting to your Niche
Expressing gifts
Managing personal energy

Day 2: Community Socail permaculture

Decision making
Social organisation
Conflict resolution
Power of celebration
Alternative economy
Sustainable community

By the end of this course we hope to have inspired the participents to use there strength and work together to create healthy vibrant communities.

Helder studied permaculture with Bill Mollison and now teaches all over the world. You can read about Helder and see examples of his design work @

Naomi is a smiling creature, one that is a local foodie and teacher of consent. Teaching the value of understanding our personal needs and expressing them. She truly brings together the passion for local food and friendly affection.

Hope to see you and to share in the learning ecosystem

Time: Jan 18 - 10am to 4pm
Jan 19 - 10am to 4pm

Cost: 90$
Please Contact thegreenlyons(at) to reserve spot

Booking and further information
Dates and times
18 January 2014 to 19 January 2014
Helder Valente

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