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Dates: Sunday 30th June 2024 to end of October 2024
Time: 5pm-7.30pm UK time on Sundays

Dates (Guest sessions may be yet to be arranged):
June: Sun 30th
July: Sun 7th, Sun 21st, (Sun 28th: possible guest session)
August: Sun 4th, Sun 18th
Sept: Sun 1st, Sun 8th, Sun 22nd,
October: Sun 6th, Sun 13th
(While there may be no formal sessions, the second half of October will be available, if needed, to complete any project)
Variable cost.
We ask that you choose an amount that gives a sense of felt commitment and feels like a stretch (without feeling overstretched).

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Course summary


Live Group Training Programme via Zoom

Beyond a workshop ~ 
Learn by real-life application of knowledge!

Do you want to cultivate the awareness and skills for co-creating the beautiful world you know is possible?

Develop readiness for composting structures of domination and authoritarianism ~ 
and birthing structures of collaboration and sacred leadership

Apply to join our experiential programme!



This transformative four-month leadership programme is for those who desire a shift in the world from dysfunctional, patriarchal, structures that we have habituated to and unconsciously perpetuate, to a world where regenerative ways of organising, relating and leadership are commonplace

It is for those who are called to learn and awaken the necessary practises, awareness and skills to help facilitate this collective shift.

This programme will be a space for teachings, learnings, experimentation and magical discoveries.

The programme will value presence and will draw on a range of approaches: sociocracy, social permaculture, process work,  non violent communication, consensus decision making. It will value our body/emotions and will lean into Islamic spirituality.

There are limited place:  to between five and seven people.



  • Learn and experience facilitation tools that draw out the wisdom of the group

  • Learn and experience how a group can self-govern more wholesomely

  • Deliver a small shared project related to the programme content, using the processes you learn

  • Practise deconditioning from mainstream patriarchal patterns, and moving into patterns centering responsibility, accountability and having a voice that counts

  • Experience what a group feels like that functions with less hierarchy and greater equivalence

  • Learn and apply tools for a group to reach an agreement even when everyone has a different position: Going beyond the ‘boss’ and loudest voice wins paradigm

  • There may also be the opportunity of continuing your journey through a pathway leading to being part off the WiN team. This pathway will support your continued growth of skills and awareness in the company of fellow travellers. It will additionally support the emergence of intentional and transformative change-making initiatives and community engagement.


Who this is for?

  • You may be interested in learning foundational ‘people’ skills for forming an eco- or intentional community.

  • You may be interested in applying more effective ‘people’ skills for permaculture or land-based projects

  • You may be a therapist, healer or coach, looking to build collaborative structures and processes with colleagues

  • You are keen to apply alternatives to top-down ways of working, through processes that integrate shared power

  • You may be Muslim or lean towards Islam (You may be involved, or not, with a mosque, organisation, or place of worship).

  • You may not identify as Muslim but appreciate the value of this learning journey. You understand it will prioritise Islamic spirituality and the experience of Muslims (along with occasional space to include perspectives outside of this).

  • You may be in a spiritual or Sufi community open to less hierarchical ways of decision-making and governance

  • You may be anarchist-leaning keen to embody more conscious ways of co-organising together


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Mohamad Chakaki
Jo Taylor
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People / Social Permaculture
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Muzammal Hussain

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