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REGENERATIVE LANDSCAPES & PERMACULTURE DESIGN Permaculture design is the ethical design of human settlements and productive landscapes that have the diversity, resilience and flexibility of natural ecosystems and which can provide all tangible and intangible human needs in a regenerative and sustainable way and in harmony with nature. Based on observation of nature and holistic design, this course provides principles and methodologies of Permaculture design that can be applied in any climatic region of the world.

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The course is a blended course including virtual synchronous sessions, team collaborations and discussions and life-term access to self-paced asynchronous study materials and sessions.

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+44 (0) 20 8089 9364
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The total Duration of Course: 4 Weeks / 72 Hours 16 hours synchronous lessons, lectures, presentations, every Saturday 2:00-6:00 PM GMT 24 hours and above self-paced, asynchronous study sessions 32 hours collaborative teamwork with the community of participants
13 February 2021
6 March 2021
Evren Yildirim Sheena Shah
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