Regenerative Design for Small Farms

Summary information

Skills and knowledge to redesign your farm or land holding into an agroecological, productive and regenerative system.

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Over the weekend we will be designing the layout of a real farm.
Frameworks Used:
Regenerative agriculture (RegenAg), agroforestry, Keyline planning, soil health principles, Holistic Management, permaculture design.

Course Format:
• Learn by doing - participatory/hands-on design session and facilitated discussions.
• Experiment with design options and create example plans in an informal, supportive setting.
• Discuss the different design & management options available to us as farmers/land managers, through the medium of a site specific design.
• Gain confidence in design and decision-making through group discussion and by making placements
• Create a synthesis of complementary elements on a farm.
• Relate new knowledge and thinking to your own farm or holding.
• Create an indicative design of a generic small farm that is to scale, show casing the options and opportunities for regenerative agriculture.

This course is suitable for:
• Farmers/farm managers & landowners
• Consultants and advisors
• Smallholders
• Those looking to buy/rent land
• Those looking to do a One Planet Development

What visits will be included?
• Grass-fed beef and microdairy farm (70 acres)
• Agroforestry smallholding (5 acres)

What You Take Away from the Course:
• Printed 33 page handout
• Powerpoint presentations

Booking and further information
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Niels Corfield
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24 February 2018 to 25 February 2018
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