Regenerative Cities & De-Urban Design (Online Certificate Course)

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Regenerative Cities & De-Urban Design is a brand new design discipline that emphasises the effects of the recent massive urbanisation in transforming our world from a microbic scale to the global one. De-Urban Design re-imagines progressive changes in human settlements on an urban scale and envisions future cities and neighbourhoods as ethical, equitable, and ecocentric living habitats.

Course Outline
Week 1 - Introduction to De-Urban Design

Biodiversity, Web of Life, Ecological Succession
Centralised, De-Centralised, and Distributed Systems
Urbanisation VS De-Urbanisation
Transgenerational Design
Multilayered City, Multi-Scalar Design (Scale of Earth), From Local to Cosmopolitan
Small scale, slow and interconnected solutions

Week 2 - Ethics of De-Urban Design
Value of Life
Earth Rights
Design Restrictions
Measuring ethical risks of our design/applications
Which materials/resources to use and how to use them (material/recourses renewal time)
Sacred Lands

Week 3 - Creating a Vision
Starting with shrinking Cities
Analysing and Studying the Land
Identifying Wild-Life Habitats
Ecological Restoration
Food Strategies
Multilayered City Design and Accessibility

Week 4 - Conclusion
Successional and Transition Design
Regenerative Design
Metabolism of Cities
Physiology of Cities
Pathology of Cities
Treating Cities
Healing Cities

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£147-£245 (Pay with time & Pay What You Can options are avai
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Every Saturday
30 April 2022
21 May 2022
Dr. Hossein Sadri
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