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Understand how to prune properly and when not to prune. Pruning is an ancient art. Man has been using it to tame plants for centuries as well as to promote desirable plant growth like flowers and fruits. However, not all plants benefit from pruning and the amount you can safely prune varies from species to species. Some plants only flower on new shoots whereas others may only flower on old wood. To fully understand pruning you need a basic appreciation of plant growth. This short course is aimed at everyone who may need to prune plants, whether occasionally or regularly. It will teach you how to prune properly and when not to prune. Learn all aspects of pruning from using different equipment to pruning hedges, creating topiary, establishing espaliers and cordons, and even starting a bonsai. Once finished, not only will you have honed your own skills but you should be better able to advise others. Lessons LESSON 1 INTRODUCTION LESSON 2 TYPES OF PRUNING LESSON 3 PRUNING TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT LESSON 4 PRUNING HEDGES LESSON 5 SHAPING PLANTS LESSON 6 MANAGING PRUNINGS LESSON 7 PRUNING FOR FRUIT PRODUCTION LESSON 8 PRUNING ROSES LESSON 9 COMPENDIUM OF PLANTS: HOW TO PRUNE WHAT AND WHEN FINAL ASSESSMENT

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