PRI certificated PDC (72 hour intensive) in Over Wyresdale, North West England

(PDC) Permaculture Design Course
Summary information

This is a full Permaculture Design course, certificated internationally by the Permaculture Research Institute. It will run from September 10th to September 22nd 2018 at The Gathering Fields in the beautiful surroundings of Over Wyresdale, Lancashire, Northwest England. The theme of the course is permaculture design and how to practice it. Meals and on-site overnight accommodation will be provided.

Our courses are for people who care about the future and want do something about it. We will share the skills and perspectives that help us to meet the challenges ahead and to manage the transition towards a more friendly and peaceful society.

The course content has a wide and flexible application, not only in home-based settings but also for those wishing to apply permaculture design within their business or career. We aim to provide you with the tools to enhance and facilitate community-based projects of all kinds.

Our programme is open to all, regardless of any previous experience or literacy levels. We will follow the international guidelines to cover the course syllabus in full. The course will be led by Angus Soutar who is accredited by the Permaculture Research Institute to teach the international PDC. Angus will be supported by Ann Kolodziejski and the Northern School team.

Participants will have continuing access to extensive on-line materials that support the course.

You may read more at the Northern School website .

Booking and further information
£700 if booked before 31st July 2018
Dates and times
More dates and times information: 
Arrivals from Sunday 9th September onwards. Starts 10.00 am Monday 10th. We can provide details of travel information and assistance on request.
10 September 2018 to 22 September 2018
Ann Kolodziejski Teresa Pereira
Venue information
Apprentice Teachers
Teacher apprentices: 
This course is open to offers from apprentice teachers wishing to gain teaching experience.

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