Practical Permaculture Volunteer Week

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Come and spend 5 days having fun and learning, and nights under the stars in rural Herefordshire! This practical permaculture volunteer week is designed to have lots of outputs:
- learning through doing - as we implement designs we'll learn about practical

- sharing skills - there'll be those that have skills to share and opportunities to learn new ones, such as building toilets, plumbing, cooking, scything, carpentry, off-grid energy, low impact living, gardening, composting, water harvesting and conservation,

learn more about permaculture - what are the ethics and principles behind the designs that we'll be implementing? Why do we site elements of the design in certain ways? How do we create low-maintenance systems for growing food and other needs?

- working as a team - get lots done and have time to have fun too

- helping the project - working and playing together to set up the infrastructure for running courses that will benefit the local and wider community

- relax and enjoy - good food, good company, stimulating learning, quiet time, interesting fireside chat

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07939 864732
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You can come for just a day or 2 if you want
16 June 2015 to 20 June 2015
Chris Evans, Looby Macnamara

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