POULTRY COURSE - 100 hour distance learning course

Summary information

Are you interested in keeping chickens for a hobby or as part of your work? Then this course can help you to learn more about the care and management of poultry.

• Learn to manage small and large scale poultry and egg production.
• Suitable for farmers, people keeping poultry at home and more.
• Study in your own time and at your own pace.
• Taught and written by poultry experts.

The course comprises 8 lessons as follows:-
1. Introduction: terminology, pure breeds, cross breeds, brooders, commercial farming options.
2. Feed, Nutrition & Digestion.
3. Poultry Diseases
4. Laying Hens: extensive, semi intensive and intensive systems, housing, feeding the layer.
5. Broilers : the brooding period, feeding boilers, housing, hygiene and health
6. Incubation : natural, artificial, managing the incubator, reasons for poor hatchability.
7. Brooding: heating, feeders, drinkers, floor space, rearing.
8. Poultry Business: records, growth records, egg production records, costing a small scale operation, marketing

For further details and full course information, please visit our website, use our free course counselling service or email us.

Booking and further information
Dates and times
1 August 2021
Gareth Pearce, Cheryl Wilson

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