POST-PDC PRACTICAL COURSE July 7th to 14th 2019

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POST-PDC PRACTICAL COURSE 2019, July 7th to 14th

A PDC (Permaculture Design Course) is a powerful and comprehensive introduction to the workings of natural systems, the necessity to work with nature rather than against it, how to design for regeneration, and the importance of designing to context in a holistic, whole systems way, stacking functions, building in resilience and reconceptualising linear ‘production lines’ into circular self-maintaining systems. It covers every climate on the planet and every regenerative agricultural technique known to man.

It’s the theory. The foundation. And although the course features daily practical sessions, it doesn’t pretend to equip people with the full range of skills they’ll need to implement permaculture designs. Often permaculture graduates without a background of working on the land can end up feeling paralysed, not knowing where to start, or end up taking a second or third PDC in an attempt to find what they’re missing.

Enter the Post-PDC Practical. Whilst all this knowledge is fresh in your mind and bursting to find an outlet, this is a chance to put it into practice with support and supervision and gain the confidence to go out there and do great things.

The course is open to all participants in this year’s Permaculture Design Course. It’s also open to anyone else who’s taken a PDC and wants to benefit from some hands-on experience in a supportive environment.

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7 July 2019 to 14 July 2019
Wendy Howard
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