Plant Health - Short 20 hour distance learning course

Summary information

This course covers 6 lessons:

Lesson 1 Identifying problems
Lesson 2 Treating problems
Lesson 3 Problems and the plants they affect
Lesson 4 Pests
Lesson 5 Diseases
Lesson 6 Environmental problems
Spray programmes.
Stages of growth.
Simple conversions.
Further information.
Diagnosis services.
Glossary .

Enrol any time of day or night.
Start studying immediately or later (as you wish).
Configure your study sessions at any length and frequency you wish.
Work through at your own pace.
Help desk- contact our help desk here with the subject title: 'Help Desk Short Course' .
Automated self assessment tests pop up at the end of each lesson. You can attempt these as many times as you wish; and each time, upon completion, you can see your results.
At the end of the whole course, you are presented with a major automated examination which can be attempted online, anywhere, anytime.
If you achieve a 60% pass in the exam; you immediately receive a downloadable certificate of completion with your name on it.

Booking and further information
Telephone number: 
01384 442752
Contact Details: 
Dates and times
1 August 2021

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