Permaculture Design Course

(PDC) Permaculture Design Course
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The Keela Yoga Farm Permaculture Design course combines the standard PDC curriculum with hands-on experience of life at a working permaculture farm. You can take it alone, or in combination with the courses on food forests and natural buildings in the weeks immediately following for a month-long intensive training in practical sustainability.

As well as learning about permaculture philosophy, its ecological foundations, design methodologies, and real-world applications, you’ll get your hands dirty in the vegetable gardens, composting systems, food forests, silvopastures, appropriate technology systems, and managed woodlands on an established 18-hectare site.

This Permaculture Design course will suit you if you are thinking of applying permaculture in your own life, by setting up or joining your own land-based project. It also works well for people seeking ideas, skills and inspiration to embark on a more fulfilling path in life and make positive contributions to the state of the world. Certified by the Permaculture Association (Britain), it offers a foundation to further your permaculture journey via the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design or other advanced training.

Tom Henfrey, Certified Permaculture Diploma and PDC teacher and author of Permaculture books will teach the Permaculture Theory Classes

Laurence Manchee experienced Permaculture designer, Permaculture Design course teacher and manager of Keela Permaculture Farm will lead Practical classes on the working Permaculture farm including garden design, food forest design, composting, animal husbandry, integrating systems, earth works and Natural Building.

Kimberly Manchee will teach homesteading and yoga classes. Including Fermenting food, meditation and yoga workouts.

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Dates and times
19 September 2022
2 October 2022
Venue information
1, Vale Leitao, mata da rainha
6230-810 Fundao
Apprentice Teachers
Teacher apprentices: 
This course is open to offers from apprentice teachers wishing to gain teaching experience.

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