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Following on from the success of the two online teacher training course in 2020 we have been asked by several people to run it again 

"If you think it's impossible to have an immersive permaculture course experience in an online setting, you haven't met Graham and Rakesh before. I would never have imagined to be able to experience the amount of community, emotion and connectedness in an online setting as I felt in the online Permaculture Teacher course I followed with them.

Hopeful, inspiring, empowering... The permaculture course comes to life when Graham tells his stories. Enchanting you with his words, you only realize afterwards that the one speaking and giving content to these tales, has actually been you.

If permaculture was a person, it would be Rakesh. With his amount of dedication and passion for permaculture imbedded in his whole being, he plants seeds whenever he speaks and moves, and in every footstep he leaves behind, seeds sprout to grow into the rooted network of abundant knowledge that may change your life for the better." Zoe Martin (Feeback from last training April/May 2020)

Permaculture Teacher Training with Graham Bell & Rakesh "Rootsman Rak"


Please fill in this Google Form to register (make sure you hit the submit button, after which you will get an email confirmation). Please feel free to contact Rakesh for anything.


To meet our needs we kindly request the following contribution, however if this is outside of your ability then please let us know and we will find a way to get you on the course.
Ideal £500
Average donation £350.
Minimum suggested £200 

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During the feedback everyone concluded 4 hours per day, three times a week was the right amount of time to really express ourselves, get a deep sense of community while not being too demanding. Hence we will stick to this pattern. Dates and times (UK BST) Week 1 Fri 19 Feb 21 Mon 22 Feb 21 Wed 24 Feb 21 Week 2 Fri 26 Feb 21 Mon 1 Mar 21 Wed 3 Mar 21 Week 3 Fri 5 Mar 21 Mon 8 Mar 21 Wed 10 Mar 21 Week 4 Fri 12 Mar 21 Mon 15 Mar 21 Wed 17 Mar 21 4pm to 8pm UK time (British Summer Time)
19 February 2021 to 21 March 2021

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