One Week Food Forest Course

Specialist - Forest gardening
Summary information

Learn everything you need to know about starting your very own food forest and off grid farm while experiencing community living on a new permaculture project. Enjoy daily yoga and meditation practice amongst the beautiful Portuguese countryside!

Course Outline

- Enjoy a tour of our three new food forests and the farm
- Design and plant a new food forest
- Learn how to draw to scale drawings for design and planning
- Learn about the food soil web, how to make organic fertilisers and cultivate microbiology for the soil
- Discover how to properly research trees and their companions
- Learn how to design guilds and a food forest
- Plant trees and guilds in the food forest
- Propagate perennials to plant into next year’s food forests
- Create beds for annuals in between the trees for planting to maximise the space in the food forests
- Learn how to design, select and buy irrigation systems
- Plan and perform earthworks for water catchment
- Learn how to make compost piles, organic fertilisers and how to breed fungi and bacteria for the soil (teas)
- Attend evening workshops on fermentation and how to make natural soaps

Daily Yoga class
3 Organic vegetarian meals per day
Accomodation in your tent. Caravans and tips available for hire


Booking and further information
Telephone number: 
Keela Yoga Farm, Mata Da Rainha, FUndao, Portugal
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Laurence Manchee
Dates and times
More dates and times information: 
Arrival 5pm on 19th, Departure by noon on 26th October
19 October 2019 to 26 October 2019
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