One month food forest course

Specialist - Forest gardening
Summary information

Join us at Keela Yoga Farm in March, 2018 for our month long Food forest courses in Portugal.

Learn everything you need to know about starting your very own food forest whilst experiencing off-grid living on a new permaculture project. Enjoy daily yoga and meditation practice amongst the beautiful Portuguese countryside!

Course Outline

Enjoy a tour of our new food forest and the farm
Design and help to expand a new food forest
Learn how to draw to scale drawings for design and planning
Learn about the food soil web, how to make organic fertilizers and cultivate microbiology for the soil
Plant trees and guilds in the food forest
Discover how to properly research trees and their companions
Propagate perennials to plant into next year’s food forests
Create beds for annuals in between the trees for planting to maximise the space in the food forests
Learn how to design, select and buy irrigations systems
Plan and perform earthworks for water catchment by selecting locations for swales and a small lake with the help of a digger
Learn how to graft trees
Learn how to make compost piles, organic fertilizers and how to breed fungi and bacteria for the soil (teas)
Opportunity to learn some natural building techniques
Attend weekly workshops on fermentations, permaculture principles and other farming related topics
Plant trees as part of our reforestation program outside of the new food forest
Learn about foraging for wild greens and weeds for edibles and medicinal plants
Opportunity to learn and share carpentry skills for making work benches and furniture from the food forests from our own timber
1 weekly trip to either the local market, local community events and local sites
1 day per week helping on a farm in the local community that needs it
yoga and permaculture
A typical summer morning’s harvest from our food forest this year

Booking and further information
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Mata da Rainha, Portugal
500 EUR
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Laurence Manchee
Dates and times
1 March 2018
31 March 2017
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