Natural Building Immersive Workshop

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Have you been dreaming of building your own natural home, re-modeling your house or just want to have a natural building immersive experience? Then come for this 16 days intensive hands-on course!

At Terra Alta we aspire to live off-the-grid and aim to build homes that are appropriate for a humid coastal climate. In the past years we have been actively researching and experimenting with the most functional techniques to provide comfortable housing using natural and locally available materials. Using Permaculture as a tool, we design our structures to work harmoniously with the landscape while being both beautiful and functional.

The project will be to build our guest Vermicomposting toilets utilizing a variety of natural building techniques including timber framing, light clay straw and earthen plastering. This project is designed in a way that one will learn and understand a variety of natural building techniques in its application and exploring together systems for waste water treatments. It represents a wonderful example of a natural building project meeting an appropriate technology. Along the way we will dance in the mud, play music around the stone circle, and go for a walk to the beach to fully enjoy being at Terra Alta.

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795 € (early bird until 1st April - 750€ )
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Pedro Valdjiu and Henrik Ellerbrock
Dates and times
8 June 2017 to 24 June 2017
Ruka, Pedro Valdjiu, Henrik Ellerbrock, Wendy Howard & Vera Filipa Ripley
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Apprentice Teachers
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No apprentice teacher places available on this course.

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