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Medicinal herbs are plants which contain chemicals that have an effect upon the body. Many of the medicines prescribed by doctors and sold by pharmacists originate from herbs. For instance, Aspirin is derived from salicin which is found in willow bark. Although the proper processing of herbs for medicinal purposes is complex, and beyond the skills of the average home gardener, there are many herbs which are relatively easy to grow and safe for most people to use.

This 8 lesson course provides an introduction to medicinal herbs that can be grown and used at home. You will learn to identify and administer herbs for medicinal purposes.

The course comprises the following lessons:

1. Identification, Taxonomy, Resources.
2. Growing And Propagating Medicinal Herbs.
3. History Of Medicinal Herbs.
4. Main Medicinal Herbs.
5. Herbal Remedies.
6. Preparing Herbal Remedies. Infusions, decoctions, poultices, etc
7. Poisonous Plants (including herbs).
8. Special Assignment On One Major Medicinal Herb Group.

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You can start the course at any time and study at a pace to suit you.
1 August 2021
Diana Cole, Maggi Brown

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