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Do you want to learn about making herbal preparations from the forest garden? Are you keen to learn about how to harvest for quality and best practice in drying and storing healing plants? Are you interested in the medicinal possibilities of a range of plants including trees and shrubs? This 10-lesson course offers guidance and information about harvesting, processing and using plants from the medicinal forest garden based on bark, flowers, fruits, leaves and roots of trees and shrubs. You will see a variety of native and introduced medicinal trees and shrubs. The course is based around 10 online lessons with short videos, activities, quizzes, information sheets and further reading. Benefits will include:  developing accurate plant identification if foraging for plants; gaining information on a range of medicinal trees and shrubs with  medicinal qualities; learning about making herbal infusions and creating tea combinations; making tinctures and extracts using alcohol and water; using fresh and dried herbs for body and skin remedies; discovering ways of making herb powders and capsules and pills; seeing how distillation is carried out, producing hydrosols and essential oils; finding out about demand for herbal products and upscaling the harvest, making a plan to develop a herb business; developing seasonal harvesting, keeping records and samples; using herb products safely and knowing how to find further professional advice. No special experience is needed, just an interest in harvesting and using medicinal plants including trees and shrubs.

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Medicinal Forest Garden Harvest Course
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