Medicinal Forest Garden Design Course

Specialist - Forest gardening
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Are you interested in growing a range of plants with medicinal effects? Forest gardens provide a wonderful opportunity to bring together many plants that could be used for health purposes. This course offers guidance and information on design with these healing plants, especially trees and shrubs, in order to choose well and establish for the longer term.

Including 10 lessons with short videos, activities, quizzes, information sheets and further reading, this course takes you through key processes involved in successfully designing with medicinal plants, and integrating healing trees and shrubs with herbs and other plants.

You will learn about designing and managing a medicinal forest garden. Benefits will include
- assessing a site for potential growth of medicinal plants
- finding out about medicinal uses of a range of trees and shrubs
- developing your purpose and a design plan using permaculture principles
- identifying other herbs to grow with the trees and shrubs
- ideas for propagating and sourcing medicinal plants
- hints for successful establishment of plants and ongoing maintenance
- ways of monitoring progress so that you can adapt as needed

Your instructor is Anne Stobart, an experienced herbal practitioner and grower. This online course is based on successful short courses she developed for Holt Wood Herbs, a medicinal tree and shrub project in UK.

No special experience is needed. If your garden is very small there are design suggestions for smaller spaces. If you want to grow for profit there is discussion about the market for herbs.

Purchase of this course helps to fund the Medicinal Forest Garden Trust which seeks to raise awareness about the sustainable cultivation and harvesting of medicinal trees and shrubs.

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21 Dean Street, Crediton, Devon EX17 3EN
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Anne Stobart
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This is an online course so you can start any time. We offer a regular Zoom session additionally for participants.
1 April 2022
1 July 2022
Anne Stobart
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