Kitchen Gardening with Caroline Aitken

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A seasonal weekend course on creating and managing a successful and abundant food garden. The course will include hands-on practical sessions and all the theory you need to make your kitchen garden grow and keep your larder full. From crop planning to soil care, pest control to storing produce, this course will show you environmentally friendly and sustainable approaches to growing your own food. The course will give you time saving and energy saving tips and inspire you to create a garden that works in harmony with nature.

​The March course will cover: seasons in the gardener’s year, crop planning, jobs to do in winter and spring, permaculture methods which will help you create a more productive garden, soil care, testing and profiling, different kinds of composting and mulching, no-dig methods, crop planning to produce food all year round and how to observe and work with the different microclimates in your garden.

The June course will cover: seasons in the gardener’s year, jobs to do in summer and autumn, what to grow – advice on how to choose annual and perennial vegetables to cultivate, how to plan your mixed vegetable crop (to maximise space, deter pests, minimise weeding and watering), Forest Gardening, pest management, growing fruit trees (understanding rootstocks and fertilisation), making plant feed, guidance on how to store and preserve produce and energy saving tips for harvesting. 

A permaculture perspective on kitchen gardening, including:
Knowledge of how to plan food crops and which jobs to do in each season
Understanding of how to care for soil and create good compost
Methods for deterring pests and minimising the need to weed and water
Information on growing fruits trees and storing produce.
An understanding of the principles of no-dig gardening, polycultures and perennials and hands-on experience of the methods involved

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01730 823166
Telephone number: 
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Droxford Road, East Meon, Petersfield GU32 1HR
£135 for one weekend or £240 for both weekends (non-resident
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Suz Lambert
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09:30 - 17:30 £135 for one weekend or £240 for both weekends (non-residential)
17 March 2018 to 18 March 2018
2 June 2018 to 3 June 2018
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