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Introduction to Permaculture
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- Introduction to Permaculture
- Delivered by Nenya and Jenny of NonStuff Industries

Permaculture is a way of designing nature-friendly, low carbon, productive systems based on three ethics: Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share. It is an ecological, holistic design system which allows us to meet our needs for food, shelter, health and other aspects of well-being, while at the same time enhancing the natural environment.

Permaculture can be applied everywhere and at any scale – whether a farm, smallholding, community space, allotment or small urban garden. Although most closely associated with designing land-based projects and food production, you can use the same principles to design your home, business and entire life, to create more abundant, enjoyable and sustainable outcomes.

This 2-day Introduction course gives participants an overview of Permaculture, exploring its key principles, ethics and design tools. We’ll explore how Permaculture is used in designing food growing systems, but also look at how the principles can be applied in the personal and social spheres.

There’ll be a good mix of theory, discussion and design examples. The course is participant-centred, and there’s a definite element of creativity.

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10:00 - 16:30 both days
15 June 2019 to 16 June 2019
Jenny Smith
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The Croft Carbon College is a community education project based in Leith, north Edinburgh.
CCC works out of the Leith Community Croft, an urban croft at the cutting edge of community-controlled land. Croft community food growing, wildlife gardening, natural play and education.

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