Introduction To Permaculture Design Online (Official Mollison Intro Course)

Introduction to Permaculture
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Our course is the official introduction to Permaculture Design as taught by the founders of Permaculture - Bill Mollison and David Holmgren.
The Introduction To Permaculture Design Course Online is led by Dr. Alan Enzo and highly-qualified instructors from the Permaculture Education Centre.

This course covers the first section of the full Permaculture Design Certificate Course. This introductory course covers the Ethics and Principles of Permaculture Design and Natural Systems Design, as well as providing some ideas you can experiment with immediately in your home and on your site.

The Introduction to Permaculture Course includes the first section (about 1/4 of the full 72-hour Permaculture Design Certificate Course, or 18 credit hours).

Students who take the Introduction Course and later decide to take the full PDC will receive a discount. Intro students moving on to the full PDC course will already have a substantial foundation in the Permaculture Ethics and Principles.


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$50 USD
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Dr. Alan Enzo
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1 January 2020
Dr. Alan Enzo, Jessica Enzo, and highly-qualified instructors from the Permaculture Education Centre
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