Introduction to Permaculture Design with Aranya

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This course is designed to introduce Permaculture principles but with an emphasis on supporting participants with designing their own homes and gardens. It is no ordinary 'intro' course, and not quite a full Design course either. Rather, through the course, Aranya will cover the key principles of Permaculture design theory and how we can apply them in redesigning our homes and gardens to be both more sustainable and abundant.

Permaculture is about working with nature to make a better world for us all. It offers us an approach that helps us to identify the best tools and techniques for each of our own unique circumstances. You'll learn about green building, energy efficiency, permaculture design, soil, water conservation, forest gardens and much more.

You will use group work, discussions, video, slide shows, observation and practical activities as learning methods. These are supportive of different learning styles and for people with learning difficulties. Design courses are not just about imparting information to the students - there is plenty of knowledge out there - the important thing is knowing how to use this and feeling confident to do so.

Aranya has been hooked on permaculture since 1996. Completing his Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design in 2003, Aranya started teaching the following year. He discovered this made his heart sing, so he made it his main focus. Since then he has taught almost 80 two-week design courses, something he has no intention of stopping. He feels that it's a privilege to have the opportunity to teach "something that can make a real difference in all our lives".

An active member of the Permaculture Association for fifteen years, he served first as a trustee and subsequently as a member of several working groups. He regularly writes articles and produces short videos for his You Tube channel.

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01730 823166
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Droxford Road, East Meon, Petersfield GU32 1HR
£320 total ​£75 deposit to reserve a place
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Polly Whyte
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9:30-17:30 daily. Stay at our newly eco-retro fitted accommodation. Lunch can be purchased from our Beech Cafe.
29 October 2022 to 2 November 2022
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