Introduction to Permaculture at Braziers Park

Introduction to Permaculture
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An inspirational, invigorating weekend at Braziers Park, an intentional community experimenting with conscious co-existence. There are 50 acres of organic garden, meadow and woodland to explore with examples of practical permaculture. Community members often contribute to the weekend with talks, tours and demos as well as cooking our meals and creating a warm welcome to their historic home.

The curriculum developed by the Permaculture Association will stretch thinking and initiate positive changes. Excellent feedback from previous courses on Trish's website.

Permaculture is a deep and exciting subject that gives us hope and tools for the future – It takes time to fully understand and develop into practice. Permaculture is all about design. Designing systems for delivering what we need in an ecological, sustainable and regenerative way. Turning our impact on the planet from destructive to constructive and creating abundance. In 2 days we will explore permaculture ethics and principles, sustainability, see real examples on site and on film, understand permaculture design methods and put learning into practice to develop your own design in whatever area you are most interested in. You will also receive useful links to help you on your way and follow on support and advice from tutors. You will gain the confidence to get started and consider where permaculture might help you in the future.

Past students have developed designs for allotments, gardens, small holdings, a roof garden, house renovation, personal health and development, house boat, off grid live-in bus, natural swimming pool, community education programme, sustainable family lifestyle, major career change and many other projects.

Permaculture brings together many useful thinking tools, systems theory, ancient wisdoms and modern business skills for problem solving and decision making – tools and ideas you will take away with you and use in many areas of your life.

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07974 916954
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£150 including organic lunches/refreshments. B&B optional
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Start time 09.30 each day -finish time 17.30 . Accommodation, supper and breakfast extra and must be booked early. See Braziers's 3 tier rates according to income. Supper 18:30, Breakfast 08:30. Saturday evening bonfire/get together Extras may include: house history tour, scything demo/have a go, community living talk, kitchen/larders tour, estate tour.
17 November 2018 to 18 November 2018
Trish Whitham and John Baker
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Braziers Park is a community founded in 1950 as a continuing experiment in the advantages and problems of living in a group. The house is Gothic in style and there are nearly 60 acres organic garden, pasture and woodland.

Exploring conscious co-existence
As one of the oldest secular communities in the UK, we strive to understand more fully our relationships with each other and with nature and society so that we can co-operate in taking constructive action in the world today.

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This course is open to offers from apprentice teachers wishing to gain teaching experience.

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