Intership Program - Summer 2017

Advanced Design Skills
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We have created a path where you will be immersed in our community and learn intensively through a series of classes, “hands-on” sessions, intimate walk-and-talk activities, interactive exercises and more. Our vision aims to connect the participants to a well-developed permaculture site and local community, while delving into multiple topics to get a deeper understanding in holistic system thinking. Through this extended and diverse experience, we aim to seek a feeling of empowerment within ourselves while gaining confidence in regenerative design techniques, which ultimately leads to having a positive impact on our current world situation.

In the past 7 years, both Escola da Terra (Waldorf education) and Terra Alta have been involved in the education of hundreds of people that have initiated projects that are still active and thriving around the globe. We expect this course to be a continuation of that and to be an intensive and immersive learning experience.

This program includes a 2-week PDC – Permaculture Design Course – with an internationally recognized certification awarded to graduates. Furthermore, the program will circulate around the topic of water, a most essential part of managing a holistic permaculture system. The course will also feature a broader perspective on social permaculture, regenerative agriculture, natural building, whole systems thinking and the application and relationship of these fields within permaculture.

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1190 euros ( EARLY BIRD 1140 euros until 27 May )
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Pedro Valdjiu and Henrik Ellerbrock
Dates and times
6 August 2017 to 3 September 2017
Pedro Valdjiu, Henrik Ellerbrock , Sarah Daum
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