INTRODUCTION TO HERBS - 100 hour distance learning course

Summary information

• An excellent introductory course to herbs.
• Learn to grow herbs effectively.
• Study different varieties of herbs.

This course aims to familiarise you with the use and culture of what are traditionally the most common herb plants. It should provide you with a sound framework upon which you will be able to develop your knowledge of herbs.

The course comprises 6 lessons as follows:-
1. Introduction to Herbs. Plant identification, plant names, general characteristics of herbs, the history of herbs, and herb resources (nurseries, seeds, clubs, etc).

2. Herb Gardening. Planting, propagation, soils, plant nutrition, and container growing.

3. Companion Planting. Introduction to companion planting, herb garden design.

4. Growing Herbs to Harvest. Herb products, setting up a herb farm, making compost.

5. Herbs for Cooking. Herb crafts, herb ingredients, cooking with herbs.

6. Herbs for fragrance, health and beauty. Dyes, mordants, oils, other herb crafts.

For further details and full course information, please visit our website, use our free course counselling service or email us.

Booking and further information
Dates and times
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You can start the course at any time and work through it at your own pace - to suit you.
1 October 2021
1 November 2021
Diana Cole, Maggi Brown, Yvonne Sharpe.

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