HERB CULTURE 100 hour distance learning course

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Learn about Production, Marketing and Supply of all Types of Herb Products.

This course is designed to develop a solid grounding in herb growing and the herb industry. Half of the course deals with general herb culture, including identification, soils, mulching, feeding, watering, propagation, pest & disease control, harvest, storage, processing, companion planting, nursery management and herb farming. The remainder of the course involves detailed studies of major groups of herbs such as: mints, thymes, lavenders, scented geraniums, garlic, roses, artemisias and parsley.

The course consists of 12 units, each comprising one or more lessons; as outlined below:-
Unit 1:
1. Introduction and Herb Identification
2. Culture (Soil, mulch, planting, feeding etc)
3. Propagation (Seed, cuttings, division etc.)
4. Plant Health

Unit 2:
5. Processing And Using Herb Products
6. Harvesting and Storage

Unit 3:
7. The Mints (Mentha spp.)
8. Lavenders and Thymes
9. Other Lamiaceae Family Herbs (e.g. Sage, Balm)

Unit 4:
10. The Artemisias
11. Compositae (Asteraceae) - The Daisy Herbs

Unit 5:
12. Umbelliferae Herbs (Apiaceae) - The Parsley Family

Unit 6:
13. Onion Herbs (Liliaceae) - (e.g. Chives, Aloe vera)
14. Garlic

Unit 7:
15. Rosaceae Herbs (eg. Rose & Strawberry)
16. Miscellaneous Herbs
17. Scented Geraniums
18. Native Herbs (eg. Boronia, Tea Tree)

Unit 8:
19. Companion Planting
20. Natural Pest Control

Unit 9:
21. Designing Herb Gardens
22. Home Herb Gardens
23. Public Landscaping With Herbs

Unit 10:
24. Herb Nursery Management

Unit 11:
25. Herb Farming

Unit 12:
26. Herb Enterprises.

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Booking and further information
Dates and times
1 October 2021
1 November 2021
Diana Cole, Yvonne Sharpe, Maggi Brown

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