Growing to Sell

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This two day course introduces all of the factors you need to consider when scaling up your production. Learners will be supported to explore how they can create their own land-based livelihoods, while supporting the local area to increase its ability to feed itself. Learners will be able to meet experienced growers, as well as local agencies that can give you further business mentoring and support.

Sessions will include:

* Different business and production models, such as market gardens, nurseries, Community Supported Agriculture schemes, cooperatives, box schemes, nurseries, country markets, intermediate markets, direct sales, farm gate sales and more
* Agroecological practices for growing on a larger scale successfully
* How to manage internal systems such as stock taking, book keeping and records management
* Designing your own livelihood and using permaculture principles to design a sustainable enterprise congruent with your needs and ethics
* Deciding what to grow in relationship to markets (value adding and so forth)
* Legal necessities (such as labeling, licensing, health & safety, trading standards requirements, environmental health compliance, traceablity and so on)

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Free places & sliding scale. See website.
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27 May 2015 to 28 May 2015
Carol Stone, Tim Lawrence, Nicole Vosper
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