LAVENDER GROWING Distance Learning Course

Summary information

The course is divided into 10 lessons as follows:

1. Introduction
2. Understand the basis of all good Horticulture with Soils, Fertilisers and Nutrition for Lavender
3. look at the Cultural Techniques for Lavender Growing
4. Learn how to have your own Lavender Propagation
5. Commercial Alternatives for your Lavender
6. Look at the various Selection and Breeding of Lavenders
7. Try Building Plant Knowledge
8. An overview of Harvesting, Postharvest Treatment and Storage
9. Think about the Processing and Making Lavender Products
10. Learn how to Market Lavender Produce

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Booking and further information
Dates and times
More dates and times information: 
You can start the course at any time. You work to your own pace
1 August 2021
Diana Cole, Yvonne Sharpe, Maggi Brown

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