Grow Your Own Garden - Six Week Free Introduction to Food Growing

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Don’t miss the chance to learn how to grow your own food. Sessions take place at the Red Brick Building Community Garden. You are very welcome to attend any and all of the workshops. They will be fun and practical, with resources to take away. Childcare support is available.

Session 1: Know your soil
Soil is what underpins a successful garden. Find out about the soil from your plot or containers and how to look after it so your plants not only survive but thrive. Learn basic soil testing, composting & mulching techniques.

Session 2: Feeding your family - how to plan your plot
How do you know what to grow? How much? What to prioritise? This workshop will introduce different crops, plant families and rotations, so you feel more con dent knowing what to grow, where and when.

Session 3: Make the most of your space
This workshop will introduce how to do a basic design for your garden. We will share simple surveying and map-making techniques. We will explore what we can learn from nature to make less work for ourselves!

Session 4: How to build raised beds
Learn how to make your own raised beds out of a range of easy to find & affordable materials. By the end of the workshop, we will have built some beds together. Learn basic woodworking skills and how to use different tools.

Session 5: Grow your own - seed sowing & propagation
This session will share top tips for starting plants off as seeds. We will cover all you need to know for successful propagation, and also introduce alternative ways of producing plants, such as taking cuttings.

Session 6: Keeping plants healthy - pests & diseases
Are you concerned about bugs? About plants dying from mysterious diseases? This workshop will bust all the myths about what causes ill plant health. We will explore practical ways to keep your plants healthy and reduce the chance of disease or crop failure.

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Dates and times
23 February 2018 to 30 March 2018
Bonita Everson, Hannah Hughes, Jane Sweetman
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