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(PDC) Permaculture Design Course
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Gaiacraft's new Permaculture Design Certification Program is co-taught by a dynamic male - female teaching team. These low cost, ultra flexible courses cater to the busyness of modern life. If you miss a class you can jump in on the the same module in a different class at no extra cost and there is no time limit to complete the certification.

Two of the programs are based on the Sunshine Coast and have a city meet up once a season. Langara College is hosting a program that is entirely based in the Greater Vancouver area. Once registered, people can bounce between courses for flexibility.

Gather together a conscious and creative ring of learners to grow with plants and animals, gardens and farms to learn about how nature designs itself and how we can become sustainable designers ourselves. Together we will learn how to map and design our land and our lives, plan for emergency, grow organic food in all four seasons and work to build a more sustainable future. The certification granted upon completion of the course will empower participants as permaculture designers, consultants and beginner teachers able to use the word permaculture legally in their practice, business or project. This sustainability education eco-training certificate is a practical path for greening your life, resume and portfolio. 

Join this adventure in learning as it journeys to farms, forests, gardens and eco-locations.

The class caters anyone who wants to learn permaculture in a creative way but cannot afford the cost or intensive time commitment of other courses including lower-income families, students, youth and people for who are called permaculture but have been struggling to find a course that fits their life. 

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Delvin Solkinson
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11 am - 5:30 pm
26 March 2016 to 10 June 2017
Delvin Solkinson, Kym Chi
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