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We associate forests with growth, creativity, diversity, connection, strength and resilience – characteristics that make for healthy, vibrant, productive workplace too.

Drawing on learning from nature via disciplines such as biomimicry, ecopsychology, biology, systems thinking, regenerative leadership, psychological safety, permaculture and holistic design frameworks, this webinar will explore how to take small steps towards having a healthy organisation modelled on ecosystem design, with wide-ranging benefits for people, productivity, purpose and planet.

What we’ll cover:

The old ‘organisation as a machine’ paradigm vs the new, regenerative, nature-inspired paradigm
Some of the different regenerative approaches and their common threads

The benefits for your organisation of adopting a regenerative approach

Why adopting a nature-inspired approach is the only viable solution for solving the world’s problems – from climate crisis, ecological destruction, inequality, mental and physical health etc

The Think like a Forest 10 strands of a nature-inspired approach to business, organisations and leadership

You’ll learn more about the Think like a Forest programme (our 2 day introduction to regenerative business/organisations) with an opportunity to ask any questions.

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Contact name: 
Sarah Spencer
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Wednesday 7th September 1 - 2pm
7 September 2022
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