Food Forests/ Forest Gardening Series 2022

Specialist - Forest gardening
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Forest Garden / Food Forest 2022 Series.
Each one day session goes deeper into each area and all aim to increase your confidence and knowledge to take your next steps in designing, making, utilising and looking after your own food forest. Do one or all.

Spring. Sat 21 May. Introduction to forest gardening and food forests. How to be a Forest
Summer Sat 11th June Regenerative Food growing techniques. Permaculture and food growing. Growing food for biodiversity, wellbeing and climate action inspired by Permaculture. How to think like a Forest
An exploration of how to grow food from a window sill, no dig annual vegetables, forest gardening and farm scale.
Summer Sat 16 Sun July. Designing Forest gardens / food forests. How to grow like a Forest. Learn about how to survey a site, how to utilise sun, soil and other energies moving through the site, plant selection and some different design techniques.
Autumn Sat October 15th. Practical Permaculture. Gardening like a Forest Day. How to Garden like a Forest.

Edible gardening technique where we are part of the Wildlife! An ancient idea for modern times.
If you are interested in green issues, self sufficiency, wildlife, re-wilding, wellbeing or responding to climate change.

Facilitated by experienced and passionate Forest gardener and Designers at our Permaculture Learning Centre.

Booking and further information
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Abbey Physic Community garden
Sliding scale £80 / £60 / £35 each day includes lunch.
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Jo Barker
Dates and times
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Saturday 16th July Saturday 15th October All 10am to 5.30pm
21 May 2022
11 June 2022
Venue information
Abbey Physic Community garden
Abbey Place
ME13 7BG
United Kingdom

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